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Re: why do we....?

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> In regards to submitting several peices of heraldry at once to avoid
> conflicts:  I'm not sure about the method stated, BUT I have thought
>that it
> would be nice if we could submit a peice of heraldry with
>stipulations such
> as, "This may conflict with Lady X's device, and if it does, please
> charge to Vert rather than Azure, and a bordure. . ." or something
> similar--this way if the worse does happen, the heralds will already
> your "Plan B" is.  So, heralds, would something like this fly?

Except that at that point, if you think it might conflict with Lady X's
device that much, a simple check by your local herald (either directly
or by him/her asking for assistance in checking) will show whether or
not it *will* conflict before it even gets sent up to kingdom level.
Adn then if it does, you send the not-conflicting version.  And if it
doesn't, you send the original...

Besides, you could have "if this conflicts with someone's device,
change it to a green field."  What if that won't clear it?  "...or add
a bordure" and if that won't work either? "...or add a chief" etc. etc.
If that starts, people end up sending in a list of elements they like,
wishing for the kingdom heralds to choose a compatible device out of
the disparate elements, and that won't be a Good Thing, trust me... ;-)

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