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Re: why do we....?

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Julian wrote:
>Besides, you could have "if this conflicts with someone's device,
>change it to a green field."  What if that won't clear it?  "...or >add 
a bordure" and if that won't work either? "...or add a chief" >etc. etc.

That also means, that if the Golden Dolphin Herald and hir staff DO do 
that, they must re-draw the device submissions, color them in, fill in 
new forms, etc.

Atlantia is the most accomodating kingdom I have seen in regards to the 
Submissions Herald copying, filling in and/or coloring forms.  I've 
spent several Letter of Intent (LOI) meetings coloring in devices that 
were submitted through a consulting table at an event, and other GD 
staff have spent more.  Other kingdoms require ALL forms filled in and 
colored.  They won't do it for you.  This is a good, great service of 
the GD's office.

The other objection, from a service standpoint, is that Golden Dolphin 
would end up submitting a device on behalf of a client, that the client 
*had never seen*.  NOT a good idea.

PERSONALLY (and NOT as a member of Golden Dolphin's staff) I wouldn't 
mind allowing a client to submit, say, a device and an acceptable 
alternate if the first is unacceptable.  Julian is right, though.  It 
WOULD create extra work at the LOI meeting.  And Golden Dolphin is 
already processing 25 or more submissions a month.  The LOI meetings 
take an entire day.

I also agree with Julian that having to re-submit a device FIVE times is 
a very extraordinary event.  From reading the Letter of Intent that 
Triton posts to the Atlantia list and Golden Dolphin prints in the 
Acorn, plus from attending the meetings, I rarely see a device submitted 
more than twice.


   - Anarra Karlsdottir
     Golden Dolphin Flunky

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