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re: why (heraldry questions)

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

>      I have a question.  Last year (or more) I attempted to register
>      name and device.  My name pass without a hitch but my device was
>      back for a redraw.  Not because any item was unidentifiable, but
>      because the lines of the chevron were too low.  The blazon
>itself did
>      not change.  There were no other questions regarding the design.
>      couldn't a caveat be attached (design/blazon okay, but raise the
>      of the chevron)?  Just curious, I've redrawn the device, I just
>      to resubmit it.

It depends on the individual case.  In many cases of heraldry,
something may be returned for a redraw because otherwise the resultant
design actually would be different.  The heralds construct the blazon
from the emblazon (construct the wording from the drawing), so they
have to go with what the drawing shows.  Sometimes, the drawing might
be a little off (the dovetails might be a little thin and sparse on a
chief, for example), but if the critical element of a design is
obviously there, it may well pass anyway, often with a comment
suggesting bigger dovetails (I believe mine passed in a similar way,
with the suggestion that next time, I use fewer ermine spots).

But in some cases, the position or appearance can be significant.
Perhaps the chevron was a little low for a regular chevron, but a
little high for a chevron
whatever-the-term-is-for-moved-lower-than-normal (debased?  Nah, that
doesn't sound right).  Sometimes in such a case a quick phone call or
email can solve the problem of what it is, but then they'd have to be
redrawn anyway at either the normal spot or the lower spot.  And with
some elements, if it is not drawn a certain way, it can look like
another element altogether.  A billet or a lozenge?  If they are
slightly tilted when drawn, could be either.  Are those arrows supposed
to be horizontal (in fess) or diagonal (in bend)?  If drawn just
slightly off kilter, it can be impossible to determine what the
submitter originally wanted.

Most redraws, I suspect, are returned at Kingdom level, since at that
point you really only 'lose' a month of time, and better to be safe and
have it returned for a redraw there than to possibly send it on up and
have Laurel return it after being in process for five months...

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