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Heraldry questions

Poster: Gina <rhiannon-of-berra@mindspring.com>

<shaking my head> I'll never understand the heraldry rules :(  I've
submitted my device twice now, and I'm still no closer to getting it
passed.  The first was for a redraw (my unicorns weren't "heraldric"
enough, the second was because we used a scanned computer form we
created from the original form we had and the shields weren't the right
size and dimension (they weren't off by much, and you could still tell
what the device was).  I understand the need for standards and
evrything, but if there are no conflicts, the picture is readable and
the blazon matches the picture, why not pass it?  

I thought the pictures were to explain the blazon and nothing else.  If
this is wrong, I apologize, if it is correct, then why spend so much
time when the meaning can be detected from the drawing as presented?
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