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Re: Heraldry questions

Poster: Erik Dutton <edutton@worldnet.att.net>

As I recall from my time heralding, the point of sending the picture is
largely so they can look at it from across a large room and be sure it's
still clearly identifiable... as seen from across a battlefield,

Without seeing your original submission, I can't comment on the unicorn
redraw, but if (for example) from across the room it looks like just a
horse, rather than specifically a unicorn, then (personal opinion) I would
send it back. My reasoning: suppose that you and Fred are fighting together
in the woods battle at Pennsic, and get separated... your arms are (not in
blazon) a heraldically-incorrectly-drawn black unicorn rampant on a white
background, and Joe's (Fred's mortal enemy) arms are a blue horse rampant
on a white background. Now, neither you nor Joe have repainted your shields
in several years, and the devices have faded a bit... you became separated
from Fred during the last ambush, and he comes across you stumbling through
the woods; all he sees through the sweat and the slipped arming cap is a
dark horsie-thing rampant on a light background. He screams "death to
Joe!," attacks and kills you.

The visual component of the submission process would also account for them
requiring you to resubmit with the standard-size form. If they are judging
identifiability at a distance of (let's say) 40 feet for a particular size
drawing, then they would have to completely recalculate the viewing
distance for every submission if they did not require one size of picture.

In service,
Rhodri ap Hywel

Gina wrote:

> Poster: Gina <rhiannon-of-berra@mindspring.com>
> <shaking my head> I'll never understand the heraldry rules :(

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