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Re: heraldry rules

Poster: nudity!vnend@uunet.uu.net (David W. James)

> I agree with the goal, and I do think that on most levels it should be
> possible.  However, I doubt it's completely possible, particularly at
> the larger wars.  On the "10-man melee" level, yeah, it should be doable
> (at least to the point of "okay, I know these four devices are on my
> side, hit anything else"), but at the 5,000 man melee level...don't
> think so, unfortunately.  Might not be such a big deal in some of the
> battles, where units are more or less formed up at the start, and if you
> get disordered and some of your guys kill some other of your
> guys...well...you shouldn't have gotten disordered then, but in our
> resurrection battles, where there can be constant reinforcements coming
> up from behind...well...that's a bit trickier.

	Gee, just how many people were there at Crecy?  At Agincourt?  At
Bosworth Field or the battle of Dublin?  This isn't a modern problem, it
is a period one.  We really should be trying harder to use the period
solutions (sprigs of local plants as identifiers, war crys, heraldry).

	I have fought in a battle with about 120-150 participants using only
war crys ("Up Hill!!!"  "Down Hill!!!"  "ARRGGGG" <thack><CLANG><thud>)
(Border Raids (Middle-Meridies war) June 25, AS 20 or so) Yes, there was
confusion, and, yes, sometimes the wrong people got killed (hint: don't
yell 'Up Hill???' if you are on the Down Hill side.  The question marks
don't make it outside the helm and through the adrenalin.) but you know what?
It was a lot of fun.  We should do more of that kind of thing.

	Besides, if we all stopped using the silly tape, it might make the
heraldic display (and its use in general) more common.

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