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Re: [Fwd: why do we....?

Poster: terry_buyers@catbox.win.net (Terry Buyers)

R(>Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

R(>We don't register persona stories, only plausible period names.  
R(>period, mixed culture names were almost unkown, except for those
R(>instances where two different cultures were in almost daily 
R(>-- Welsh/English, or Scandinavian/Anglo-Saxon, for instance.  
Which gripes the heck out of those of us with personas from an area where such
practices were common, and the locals a tad more literate than your average
Irish peasant priest. 

For example, just about anywhere Rus (Viking) explorers went it was common to
find a mix of Christian name, patronymic or place name in local form, and
honorific in local or foreign language form, depending on where aquired.
Sometimes the order was mixed around. 

Then there are the Moslem forms where local and Farsi dialects are mixed, and
taken name may have no bearing on given name, and takhallus may be something
entirely different, and title of rank may be a courtesy title for wisdom or
warfare; e.g., Sheik Saadi Sherazi, who could also be called Haji, or Ghazi,
Sharf-u'd-din Mislah, but who was born Moslih u'd-din. Yet if you were to tell
a period Persian you were walking in the rose garden of the Sheik, everyone
would know you were reading the Gulistan of Saadi.

I trace my actual family tree clearly back before 1200. You should see some of
the mixes there... Pantelemon Kamchak being one of my personal favorites. 

We in the SCA are supposed to be of nobility, else why would we have arms and
names of honor? Why do the heralds insist on limiting to the practices of

						Taras Stephan Karanczay

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