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Re: [Fwd: why do we....?

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

> R(>We don't register persona stories, only plausible period names.  
> R(>In
> R(>period, mixed culture names were almost unkown, except for those
> R(>instances where two different cultures were in almost daily 
> R(>contact
> R(>-- Welsh/English, or Scandinavian/Anglo-Saxon, for instance.  
> Which gripes the heck out of those of us with personas from an area where such
> practices were common, and the locals a tad more literate than your average
> Irish peasant priest. 

You're picking on the wrong culture there. A great deal of the records of
the Western Roman Empire were saved *only* through the efforts of the
Irish clergy. The Irish were the single most literate culture in Western
Europe, by a wide margin, from the 400's through at least the 800's.

> For example, just about anywhere Rus (Viking) explorers went it was common to
> find a mix of Christian name, patronymic or place name in local form, and
> honorific in local or foreign language form, depending on where aquired.
> Sometimes the order was mixed around. 

And yet there is a dearth of *actual documentation* for this? Maybe.
Or maybe there is documentation -- in which case we *would* allow
such names. Given the historically heavy emphasis on Vikings in the
Storvik area, it is very likely that if we or the College of Arms don't
have the documentation, it doesn't exist.

The College of Arms places a heavy emphasis on *providing documentation.*
Most of the common SCA onomastic practices have already been documented to
within an inch of their lives. But if you come up with a practice with
which folks are less familiar, you're going to have to provide the
documentation -- and if the docs check out OK, we'll be happy to register
the name.

Golden Dolphin
(who's more of an armorist than onomasticist. If you want I can give you
the directions of REAL onomasochists.)

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