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Re: heraldry rules

Poster: Gorm of Berra <gormofberra@mindspring.com>

Garrett, William wrote:

>         Maybe so......but is that right, do ya think?  I would LOVE for the
> SCA to get to the point where we didn't need duct tape on helms or stickers
> to Identify friend or foe.  
>           In my opinion, we should be encouraging people, fighters
> especially, to come in heraldic surcoats with devices on shields and
> banners. And also to learn to distinguish friend or foe from that.  Now I
> realise that due to the nature of SCA battles (the other side doesn't have
> enough people...you guys go over to their side) that it would be difficult
> but I don't think it's impossible.

I agree with the goal, and I do think that on most levels it should be
possible.  However, I doubt it's completely possible, particularly at
the larger wars.  On the "10-man melee" level, yeah, it should be doable
(at least to the point of "okay, I know these four devices are on my
side, hit anything else"), but at the 5,000 man melee level...don't
think so, unfortunately.  Might not be such a big deal in some of the
battles, where units are more or less formed up at the start, and if you
get disordered and some of your guys kill some other of your
guys...well...you shouldn't have gotten disordered then, but in our
resurrection battles, where there can be constant reinforcements coming
up from behind...well...that's a bit trickier.

However, I do think that heralds (and I include myself amongst this
number) should work to improve heraldry, improve the levels of heraldic
display, and use of heraldry in combat.  Unfortunately, I don't see how
returning someone's device because the ink they claim as yellow is
orange accomplishes that goal.

>         Sorry to rant but you kinda struck a raw nerve.  :o)

No problem.  I knew when I sent it that that was the weakest point of my
argument, and it's really not critical to my premise anyhow (which is,
for those playing along at home "The benefit of the doubt should go with
the submitter, not against them")

Gorm of Berra
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