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Re: [Fwd: why do we....?

Poster: terry_buyers@catbox.win.net (Terry Buyers)

D(>Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

D(>> For example, just about anywhere Rus (Viking) explorers went it 
D(>was common to
D(>> find a mix of Christian name, patronymic or place name in local 
D(>form, and
D(>> honorific in local or foreign language form, depending on where 
D(>> Sometimes the order was mixed around. 
D(>And yet there is a dearth of *actual documentation* for this? 
D(>Or maybe there is documentation -- in which case we *would* allow
D(>such names. Given the historically heavy emphasis on Vikings in 
D(>Storvik area, it is very likely that if we or the College of Arms 
D(>have the documentation, it doesn't exist.

Check the sagas of Harold Hardrede (who served as a Varangian for a while) for
some typical mixed Viking/Rus-Byzantine names. Also look to the Bliny -
Russian folk tales - for even odder mixtures, like Rus/Hindi - The Nightengale
Robber comes to mind.

D(>The College of Arms places a heavy emphasis on *providing 
D(>Most of the common SCA onomastic practices have already been 
D(>documented to
D(>within an inch of their lives. But if you come up with a practice 
D(>which folks are less familiar, you're going to have to provide the
D(>documentation -- and if the docs check out OK, we'll be happy to 
D(>the name.

Note the mix of my name, a typical late-period Russian fashion. Taras is of
Mongol/Kazak origin. Stephan is Greek/Byzantine (Stephen). Karanczay is
Roumanian, more or less a place-name. In actuality the name would have been
Stephan Iugenovitch Taras Karanczay. Eugene's son called Taras, baptized
Stephen, from Karanz... or descended from people from there, anyway. 

My wife is Junella merc Balin - but in the Rus that becomes Iunilla Balinovna
Karanczaya... and quite proper. Just dump the words that can be replaced by a
suffix, append the place-name to mean 'married to somebody from', and it is a
typical construction found through literature of the period. 

Just look at the line of Vladimir I, had a son Mistislav, and another David,
his wife had a Greek first name that escapes me now, simply transliterated
into Rus.


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