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Very new member/Intro/Questions

Poster: Terri Wilson-Hardwick <willowacres@earthlink.net>

I am very, vey new to the SCA (have attended 2 meetings & a couple of
events) and have a couple of questions.
First, let me introduce myself.  My name is Terri Wilson-Hardwick and I
live in Stem,
NC, near Durham.  I have been in computer support almost as long as
there have been computers, and am currently working for Nortel as a UNIX
system administrator.  For over twenty years my main hobby has been dog
training, and for the last 10 years it has been focused on sheep
herding.  This brings me to my two questions -
1) I am starting to try to develop a persona and an SCA name.
Considering that I already have sheep and sheepdogs and can trace my
geneology back to a Scottish immigrant that came over in about 1700, I
think I should look into a Scottish persona.
I would like the persona/name to be fairly historically accurate so I
can give information
back to my aunt who has done all the genology work.  I have been looking
at all the web sites and the information is totally overwhelming.  I
have gleaned some good basics from
all this, but I feel like I'm doing work that I'm sure others have
already done.  Is there anyone in Atlantia that has background
information on the Northeast section of Scotland
that would be willing to share information with me?  I know the location
I want to focus
on, but can't determine what time period I should be looking at.

2)  I am very interested in getting involved with SCA Arts that involve
sheep.  I am interested in both spinning and dyeing.  Is there anyone in
the central NC area involved
with this?  I looked at the Rolls Etheral, but the only people that
showed up were in

I apologize that my first post is so very long, and I thank you all for
your time and

Terri Wilson-Hardwick

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