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Re: Working with Wool was Re: Very new member/Intro/Questions

Poster: Robert and Tammy Jones <rissaroo@mindspring.com>

At 11:13 AM 7/26/98 -0400, Bonne wrote:
>Gene Bonar wrote in response to Terri Wilson-Hardwick:
>> >2)  I am very interested in getting involved with SCA Arts that involve
>> >sheep.  I am interested in both spinning and dyeing.  (snip)
>> Well the local Arts & Science person can help you find the literally scores
>> of people involved in all things woolen.  I'm not sure whether it's Ysolt
>> at nancyad@mindspring.com or Bonne at oftraquair@hotmail.com .  Really
>> there are lots of sheep people in Windmasters' Hill.  Furthermore, the
>> baronial A&S person is Arawynn of Ravenhall at arawynn@ipass.net .
>Terri, this is Bonne.  We've met, we spoke briefly after the meeting two
>ago and I gave you the cooking handout we'd used in our class that evening. 
>My daughter saw a little packet of wool at the Carrboro Farmers Market
>yesterday, and wanted to buy it and find someone to teach her to spin.  So,
>whoever in the Windmasters' Hill area that knows of such things: speak up! I
>have at least two in Buckston who desire instruction, and many open Tuesday
>nights to fill with classes!
>There was a lady hosting a dying workshop yesterday, I beleive. If you are
>reading this, mistress of the dyepots, please raise your hand and identify
>Bonne de Traquair
>P.S. to Branwen, fearless leader of WH Baronial Needlework Guild: Do you know
>anyone who works with wool?
>P.P.S. to Francesca, forever hostess of WH Baronial "String Thing" meetings:
>Do you know anyone?  And there is no String Thing this month?  I haven't made
>it to one the last twelvemonth, but I was going to recommend it to Terri 'til
>I didn't see it on the calender in the Windlore.
>P.P.P.S to Terri, Look Out! If you know anything at all, you may well BE the
>specialist!  ;-)

I have been working with wool for years, and even taught spinning at a
local shop for a while.  Luisa O'Reilly is another accomplished spinster in
the area.

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