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Working with Wool was Re: Very new member/Intro/Questions

Poster: Bonne <oftraquair@hotmail.com>

Gene Bonar wrote in response to Terri Wilson-Hardwick:

> >2)  I am very interested in getting involved with SCA Arts that involve
> >sheep.  I am interested in both spinning and dyeing.  (snip)
> Well the local Arts & Science person can help you find the literally scores
> of people involved in all things woolen.  I'm not sure whether it's Ysolt
> at nancyad@mindspring.com or Bonne at oftraquair@hotmail.com .  Really
> there are lots of sheep people in Windmasters' Hill.  Furthermore, the
> baronial A&S person is Arawynn of Ravenhall at arawynn@ipass.net .

Terri, this is Bonne.  We've met, we spoke briefly after the meeting two weeks
ago and I gave you the cooking handout we'd used in our class that evening. 

My daughter saw a little packet of wool at the Carrboro Farmers Market
yesterday, and wanted to buy it and find someone to teach her to spin.  So,
whoever in the Windmasters' Hill area that knows of such things: speak up! I
have at least two in Buckston who desire instruction, and many open Tuesday
nights to fill with classes!

There was a lady hosting a dying workshop yesterday, I beleive. If you are
reading this, mistress of the dyepots, please raise your hand and identify yourself.

Bonne de Traquair

P.S. to Branwen, fearless leader of WH Baronial Needlework Guild: Do you know
anyone who works with wool?

P.P.S. to Francesca, forever hostess of WH Baronial "String Thing" meetings:
Do you know anyone?  And there is no String Thing this month?  I haven't made
it to one the last twelvemonth, but I was going to recommend it to Terri 'til
I didn't see it on the calender in the Windlore.

P.P.P.S to Terri, Look Out! If you know anything at all, you may well BE the
specialist!  ;-)
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