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Re: Tracing - was Re: heraldry rules (fwd)

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> <snip for brevity>
 At the last A&S
> Festival, someone was told they should try drawing more of their scrolls
> freehand.  <GUFFAW>  If I did that, it would be terrible!  :)  I can
> trace like a bandit, but even after many art classes, freehand drawing
> eludes me.  Just one of those things......that's why I'm always quick to
> own up to my lack of drawing ability.  I can put the elements together
> and trace them but if I had to draw them I'd be stuck.  Then again, I
> guess you can always be sure I'm using period elements and styles!  :)
> While it's nice to be able to freehand scrolls it's certainly not a
> requirement for judging.  Light tables are perfectly period tools for
> the scribe.  I suppose in actuality if there were two equal scrolls
> sitting side by side and the only difference was that one was done
> with a light table and one was done freehand there are judges that
> could give lower points for the light table. I would hope that was
> merely a  comment in passing and not something that decided points.

My understanding (And take note here that I may be incorrect) was that
it determined points.  I have certainly seen competitions in which it

> I do try to encourage members of the college of scribes to freehand
> whenever they can because it's nice to encourage the skill. However
> it's never been a requirement. Now nearly all my work is done freehand
> because when I first started I didn't know what a light table was.
> I also like to freehand as much as I can because sometimes I'm required
> to make up promissories on site with no light table around.
> Lady Rebecca the Contrary
> Clerk of Signet, Atlantia

When I have no light table I just use the period pricking method.  With
promissories, though, it's been my experience (and was when I was
Scrivener Royale) that there were usually pre-prints that just needed
names filled in.  In fact, the other day, I discovered a box of them in
my closet.....ones I had made up or of which I had made extra copies.

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