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Re: What, praytell, is a "golf tube" arrow shaft

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> Golf tube arrows are combat arrows made from golftubes.  Golftubes are
> plastic tubes that are put in golfbags to keep the golf clubs from
> rattling, etc.  The tubes are made by attaching a tennis ball or various
> other things on one end and knocking and taping the other.
> Personal opinion-- Goof tubes are totally safe.  That is the only thing
> they have in there favor.  They are nothing like a arrow.  If they get soft
> from the sun there is no telling were they will go.  They are bulky as
> hell.  Unfortunately, they are use by the Midrealm so that means that any
> battle with them, like Pennsic, you either use goof tubes or don't play.  I
> find plenty of other thing to do at Pennsic so I don't play.--personal opinion
> Eogan

As a combat archer ages ago I hated them for the reasons stated above,
and also because:

They look nothing like an arrow.

Their aerodynamic qualities are way too variable, and there's just no
accuracy.  If you want to reenact accurate shooting, better to do so at

When they were being proposed back then, an archer could fire them as an
arrow, and then a heavy fighter could pick them up and throw them as a
javelin.  I'll be damned if I'm going to give a heavy fighter more
ammunition against me.  Their weapons are enough.  IIRC, these days they
should only have to touch an archer.  Having, as a combat archer in
minimal armer, been hit with a fully cocked polearm, I have no
inclination to go arming people against me every time I shoot an arrow
and give them more weapons than they have already.


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