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Re: An attempt at communication

> 	What will happen to Marinus and Tyr-y-Don?  They are in a
> corner...  by keeping them from the Principality, they have been
> isolated...  there are only two roads leading from the Hampton Roads
> area, one is I-64 and the other is US 58...  either way, if you want to
> leave the barony its a two hour drive any way you slice it....  their
> closest SCA event haven is Caer Mear which is being included in
> Stilhaven.  Why weren't they asked?

  We requested to be included in the discussions and pollings, but our
requests were "not in the proper format", and so were shut out.  We are
aware and deeply regret that our Barony will be isolated and deminished by
the upcoming division but there is little that we, as a Barony, can do to
affect that.

Baroness of Marinus