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Re: An attempt at communication

To my fellow Atlantians,

	I live inside of the proposed borders of Stilhaven and I'm not
sure that the formation of a Principality is a good idea.   I have
attempted to voice my concerns in the past, but was either ignored or
flamed for my audacity to question.  Now that public opinion has shifted
towards addressing some of the concerns, I'll try again.
	Since I am, by my very nature, a fytor, the prospects of fighting
in another big "money tourney" is appealing.  Especially since many of
the Dukes who are still super active live in NC and south (Anton, Logan,
Cuan, etc...)  And with the win X, wait X rule the chances for an unbelt
to take the coronet are again increased.  As a fighter, this sounds
really great...  
	However, there are other issues that concern me.  the first of
these is about population.   As I understand it the north of the Kingdom
is much more densely populated than the southern part.  If Stilhaven
becomes a reality, what will this do the  South?  the impression given is
that the larger group does not want to include the smaller.  Compared to
some of the other Kingdoms, Atlantia is small...  How do we stand up
numbers wise?  
	the second concern I have deals with recognition.  the senario
that I imagine involves the folks in the palmprint really getting into
the Principality thing...  attendance at other events begins to suffer. 
If folks don't have to travel in order to be recognized on a level larger
than the baronial one, then why should they.  Most of the Palmprint is in
the DC area and travel time will be significantly reduced.  While there
will still be a core group that travels (I camped with the Old Castles at
Gulf Wars in Mississippi and that's a REALLY long drive) and will
undoubtedly continue to travel, what drive is there left for those who
don't or can't travel as much.  
	What will happen to Marinus and Tyr-y-Don?  They are in a
corner...  by keeping them from the Principality, they have been
isolated...  there are only two roads leading from the Hampton Roads
area, one is I-64 and the other is US 58...  either way, if you want to
leave the barony its a two hour drive any way you slice it....  their
closest SCA event haven is Caer Mear which is being included in
Stilhaven.  Why weren't they asked?
	Finally I would like to know why the movement was started.  Are
our kingdom officers severely overburdened?  Is this a problem?  Has our
Kingdom grow so large that the administration needs another level of
beurocracy in order to function?  If so, that would, at least in my
opinion, justify the creation of a northern principality...  However, I
have yet to hear that as being a reason why the North wishes to break
away.  However, what I have heard is lots of talk about awards, heraldry,
what to call the prince, etc...  This upsets me because I subscribe to
the "if its not broke don't try to fix it or you'll just screw it up"
philosophy.  Is our Kingdom broken?

Christian of Nurenberg
Caer Mear, Atlantia
(who was once know as Ali of Antioch)


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