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Re: An attempt at communication

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> principality and making a big hole in the kingdom.  I do agree all
> Atlantians should be polled to make sure no one is railroaded into a
> unwanted postion.  In particular those groups on the boarders of this
> project.

Well, the reasons for why everyone isn't polled in the Kingdom are
twofold -- number one, they don't have to be.  The only people who
_have_ to be polled are those that would be within the area created.
Of course, that in no way means that the people outside the area (or,
indeed, anyone in the kingdom) cannot be asked for their opinion --
just that they are not the ones that are required to be polled.

Plus, the cost involved.  Polling people is expensive, and Atlantia
isn't picking up the tab.  As I understand it, all the money for
polling, etc. for the Principality is being donated by people who are
involved with it -- to poll the entire kingdom on this issue would, I
suspect, be prohibitively expensive...

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