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Re: An attempt at communication

Poster: LWright740@aol.com

In a message dated 98-07-27 12:09:32 EDT, you write:

   We requested to be included in the discussions and pollings, but our
 requests were "not in the proper format", and so were shut out.  We are
 aware and deeply regret that our Barony will be isolated and deminished by
 the upcoming division but there is little that we, as a Barony, can do to
 affect that.
 Baroness of Marinus >>

I do not see how you can make the northern part of the kingdom a principality
and not include Marinus.  That would be like Windmasters Hill becoming a
principality and making a big hole in the kingdom.  I do agree all Atlantians
should be polled to make sure no one is railroaded into a unwanted postion.
In particular those groups on the boarders of this project.

Lora Leigh
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