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Re: Principality

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> 	From a few of the messages that I have recieved from the list, in
> regards to communication, am I to understand that the decision for the
> north to form its own principality has gone through?  The north IS
> to form the principality?
> 	Also, what were the results from the polling?

I'm sure others will fill you in on more details, but the bottom line
was while about 80% of those pollings returned were favorable, only
about 42% of the polls sent out were returned.

This is enough to show that there is definate support for the idea, and
enough to certainly continue going, but for the Kingdom or BoD to even
give a glance at the idea, it's generally assumed that there should be
at least a 60% return rate, minimum.

In short, the Steering Committee has decided that this is certainly
enough to start the actual procedure (registering heraldry, working on
laws and such, etc.).  However, the next six to nine months are going
to be spent (hopefully) dealing with the issue of communication,
getting the word out, helping to reassure the non-Principality folks,
etc.  Two of the reasons that were proposed for why the return rate was
so low was the quick pace of the formal  proposal, possibly not giving
enough people enough time to form an opinion one way or the other, and
also that the polling was a fairly complex one, with multiple
questions, point systems, etc., designed to get impressions on several
different issues.  That may have caused some people to balk at sending
it in if they weren't positive about everything on the ballot.

At the end of this 6-to-9 month peiod, it was said, another, simpler
postcard-tpe polling will go out, of a simple 'yes/no' type.

As to the results, the armory with a cross bottony was the favorite,
with the counterchanged wreath design coming in second.  As to names,
Stilhavn was the favorite, with Fenmarch coming in second, and a
legislative Curia was prefered.  I don't remember the other results off
the top of my head.

Incidently, since this is the sort of subject that tends to run rampant
once introduced, I would suggest that if people are interested in
discussing the issue, they may well wish to join the Principality
Discussion list to do so, so as not to inundate those on the Merry Rose
who could care less about the P. idea. ;-)

If anyone wants, I can dredge up the subscribing directions for that,
unless someone else has it handy...

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