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Re: Principality

Poster: Gene Bonar <gbonar@auspex.com>

At 02:27 PM 7/27/98 -0500, Julien de Montfort wrote:
>I'm sure others will fill you in on more details, but the bottom line
>was while about 80% of those pollings returned were favorable, only
>about 42% of the polls sent out were returned.

This doesn't surprise me at all.

>This is enough to show that there is definate support for the idea, and
>enough to certainly continue going, but for the Kingdom or BoD to even
>give a glance at the idea, it's generally assumed that there should be
>at least a 60% return rate, minimum.

Since this making the Northern Kingdom is going to tear Atlantia apart for
about 4 or 5 years, I would hope that the Kingdom and BoD would require
more response greater than 42%.  I would hope that they would ask for 80%.
Actually I would have like it better if you had polled all of Atlantia,
since this separation, as I said before, going to tear the Kingdom apart
for 4 or 5 years.

>In short, the Steering Committee has decided that this is certainly
>enough to start the actual procedure (registering heraldry, working on
>laws and such, etc.).  However, the next six to nine months are going
>to be spent (hopefully) dealing with the issue of communication,
>getting the word out, helping to reassure the non-Principality folks,
>etc.  Two of the reasons that were proposed for why the return rate was
>so low ...(snip)

There is a third reason.  Most of the people in the south think that this
is going to happen whether we want it to or not, because the people in the
North are hell bent to have there own kingdom, period.  Numerous people in
the north, south and middle are convinced that this is going to happen so
why vote.  Well I think if there were some scientific way to poll them you
find that the overwhelming majority of people who have not returned there
ballots are people who don't care or are against it and don't think their
vote will matter.

By your own admission you didn't poll the whole kingdom, you polled less
than half.  Then out of them only 42% bothered to return the poll, then out
of that only 80% of them voted to form the Northern Kingdom and yet you see
this as a victory and are going forward with the heraldry, etc.  

If you are that determined to have your way, why bother with the poll.

Go in peace

Eogan mac Ailpein

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