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Re: Principality

Poster: ASmith@psc.dhhs.gov (Alan Smith)

     Alfred Grai wrote:
     >From a few of the messages that I have received from the list, in 
     >regards to communication, am I to understand that the decision for 
     >the north to form its own principality has gone through?  The north 
     >IS going to form the principality?
     >Also, what were the results from the polling?
     My lord,
     The results of the survey were not sufficient to support the formation 
     of a principality ON THE BASIS OF THE CURRENT NUMBERS.  Those ballots  
     that were returned were 82% in favor.  Only 42% of those who were sent 
     ballots responded, however.  I have been informed by the Society 
     Seneschal that this is not a sufficient return rate to support the 
     formation of a principality.
     While there were not enough ballots returned to actually develop a 
     petition at this time, the proponents of the principality intend to 
     continue working on the project and will conduct a second polling once 
     various issues (laws, heraldry, etc.) are resolved.  This second 
     polling will probably take place in approximately 6 months, provided 
     all the issues have been settled by then. 
     I have discussed with the Principality Steering Committee the need to 
     publish more information regarding the polling results, and to 
     communicate more fully their progress to the Kingdom at large.  They 
     are in agreement with this need, and plan to use the time before the 
     next polling to improve communications. 
     I will be working with the Steering Committee and with the Crowns as 
     time goes forward to ensure that this process is carried out with 
     proper procedure, with regard to all concerns, and to promote the 
     health of Atlantia.
     In service,
     Alan Gravesend
     Seneschal, Atlantia
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