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Re: Low Principality Responses

Poster: RowenRhys@aol.com

The following is a clipped message that was originally posted to the Merry
Rose (at Cheapside):

<< > 	From a few of the messages that I have recieved from the list, in
 > regards to communication, am I to understand that the decision for the
 > north to form its own principality has gone through?  The north IS
 > to form the principality?
 > 	Also, what were the results from the polling?
 I'm sure others will fill you in on more details, but the bottom line
 was while about 80% of those pollings returned were favorable, only
 about 42% of the polls sent out were returned.
Two of the reasons that were proposed for why the return rate was
 so low was the quick pace of the formal  proposal, possibly not giving
 enough people enough time to form an opinion one way or the other, and
 also that the polling was a fairly complex one, with multiple
 questions, point systems, etc., designed to get impressions on several
 different issues.  That may have caused some people to balk at sending
 it in if they weren't positive about everything on the ballot.>>  


Another reason for poor returns may have been the following (AT LEAST IN MY

I DID receive a polling and I REALLY wanted to return it BUT one of the
MANDATORY queries regarded the SCA area in which one resided.  I live in King
George County Virginia (22485) and was obviously in the correct zip code block
from "SCA Central" to be chosen for the mailing...However, I could not fill in
this necessary area requirement as I do not know in which area I reside or if
I reside in any of those areas AT ALL (which may truely be the case)...I have
set many on this task of discovering the truth (yes, even the supposedly
"right" people) and no one has yet to give me an answer these past 6 months or
more!  The only person indicated to contact was the address on the envelope
(also included inside) but that would have delayed my polling response past
the original due date.  I feel that I would have liked the opportunity to be
able to contact someone designated regarding the poll via phone or e-mail.  So
my suggestion would be to include such information in a later polling.

Additionally, if anyone out there has the "truth" for me (with regards to King
George or just life in general if you feel like sharing) please e-mail me
promptly.  I do humbly appologize for the "hot-temperedness" of this missive
but I seem to be getting nowhere by asking nicely and waiting.

In service,

Rowen ferch Rhys (who is usually very patient  -- honest!)
mka Amy Smyth-Wilson
King George, VA
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