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Re: Low Principality Responses

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> Additionally, if anyone out there has the "truth" for me (with
>regards to
> George or just life in general if you feel like sharing) please
>e-mail me
> promptly.  I do humbly appologize for the "hot-temperedness" of this
> but I seem to be getting nowhere by asking nicely and waiting.

Greetings!  I think I may have discovered the reason for your conundrum
-- by the looks of everything, you in fact may very well live in Crown
Lands -- i.e., a region of Atlantia which has not yet been claimed by
any official group yet.

To the best of my knowledge, King George County is not claimed by
either Stierbach (your immediate neighbor to the west) or by Dun
Carraig (the group across the river).  That puts you in an interesting
position (no pun intended).

Most Crown Lands seem to occur, naturally enough, in regions of lower
population density -- some groups have very vague deliniations (i.e.,
"west of I95") and others are very specific ("these four counties").

Technically, as I understand it, each group is supposed to be in
possesion of a list of zip codes that define their official boundaries.
Unfortunately, in larger areas, that can sometimes be unwieldy as new
Zip Codes seem to come out almost weekly.

The Kingdom at one point in time attempted to get a reasonably
definitive list of Zip Codes for each group, but so far that project
has recieved only marginal response (CHEAP SHAMLESS PLUG: I agreed to
assist in this project, so if anybody out there has a list of the Zip
Codes in your group, feel free to send me a copy ;->  Oh, and see the
[still no more finished than last time] Big Map O' Atlantia at
http://www.spiaggia.org/resources/map if you're interested).

As to how you ended up on the polling then, I'm not sure -- PG County
may indeed be claimed by a nearby group, or the polling requests may
have been in the form of "all zip codes within this radius" -- I have
no idea.  Unfortunately, I also have no idea as to what to do next as
far as 'official representation' is concerned.  Heck, maybe you could
start your own group down there. ;-)  Of course, you are still free to
play with whomever you wish in the area -- both the Stierbachians and
the Dun Carraigi are Real Nice Folks. ;-)

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