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Re: Alan's responce

Poster: Thomas Hudson <hudson@cs.unc.edu>

Just because I've seen so many postings like Eogan's, I want to broadcast
my experience with the Prinicipality as a counterexample.

  I've received many clear messages about the Principality.  People seem
to have gone out of their way from the start to involve me - I had several
exchanges of email about the principality mailing list.  I don't greatly
fear the formation of the Northern Principality.  My experiences have
been utterly different from those of Eogan (and others who have reported
similar stories here).

Giovan Donato
Kappellenberg, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia:
    Omnes Contigit Felicibus Armis - Latos Fines Extremae Terrae

Scripsit Eogan:
> I want to thank you. Alan your concise answer to my, admittedly truculent
> missive of earlier today was frankly refreshing.  Everyone has talked about
> how important communication is but ours has been one of the few clear
> messages.  Furthermore, we in the South feel we have been totally cut out
> of the process.  That the formation of the Northern Kingdom will only
> benifit the people in the north, yet it will cause hardship thoughout
> Atlantia. If someone would have spoken to us from the begining in the
> thoughtful matter you just did, a great many of the misapprehentions could
> have been avoided.

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