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Re: Alan's responce

Poster: "Bruce C. Miller" <bmiller@mnsinc.com>

My Lords and Ladies, greetings...

I have yet to make any personal decision on the subject of a Norther
Principality (let alone Kingdom)--this is just for context--but I do
have a question concerning the following:

>   That the formation of the Northern Kingdom will only benifit (sic)
> the people in the north, yet it will cause hardship thoughout
> Atlantia.

It seems to me that the first thing ANY group in ANY kingdom should do
if they think that their area is ripe for becoming a principality is to
determine if those people actually want to do so.  If the residents of
the Northern Kingdom DON'T want to become a principality, then it
doesn't really matter what opinion the rest of the Kingdom has (unless,
of course, they just want to throw these rascally Northerners out).
Only if the those in the North want to start their own principality
would the opinions of the rest of the Kingdom become truly
relevent--and, no, this does not mean I think their opinion has no value
in and of itself--because, at that point the actions of the North could
affect the rest of the Kingdom.

So I would not worry overmuch if the Northern Principality movement has
not polled the entire Kingdom on this subject--or on the possible names,
heraldry, constitution, etc.  Only if a strong majority of those polled
are in favor is any further action necessary--and at THAT point, I'll be
standing with you that the opinions of the entire Kingdom on this
subject should be taken into account.

Yours in Service,

Arbogast of Diedenhofen

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