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Was: Re: Principality why do you want to leave/Now:Anything but the P...

>Excuse me, but could everyone PLEASE stop posting principality-related
>to the Merry Rose?? There is a list set up *specifically* to discuss these
issues. That is a
>far more appropriate place to post. I myself am subscribed to the P-list,
but I know several
>peole on the Merry Rose who are not, and have no wish to see this stuff
>Thank you.

I second the motion....  ;  )

uh... that would be myself.   let's talk about Pennsic or Tents or Dyeing or

anything but the P movement..... which i might add makes it sound like a
dirty word.

So how 'bout those Visgoths??????

Emma of Eilean Donan
formerly Emma Lawless

Pennsic......well, I for one have lots of projects going....garb mostly....
Feeling that Pennsic pressure now, that's for sure!  So, how's everyone else doing?