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Heraldry Fibs (was Re: heraldry rules)

Poster: "Virginia Driscoll" <babblefish_@hotmail.com>

>Poster: Josh <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>
>>3.  Heralds do NOT have the power or authority to prevent anyone 
from>>displaying any device they please, registered or unregistered,
>>accurately drawn or inaccurately drawn.
>I thought it was forbidden to display a device not registered by the 
College>of Heralds. Hmm.. Oh well. Looks like someone told me a fibb. 
>Tristan ap Elwin>Marinusian by birth hopefully Atlantian always. 
(slighty against Stilhaven now)

This reminds me of those people who told me that i would be unable to 
display personal heraldry until i got my AoA or GoA.  Hah!  the only 
difference is that i call it a Device and not Arms.

Neamhain (NAH-vin) of Stierbach
recently reassured of this by her local Heralds

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