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Re: "Making a Medieval Single Pole Pavilion"

Poster: "Genie Powell" <genie@vt.edu>

>1.   In the section "Spoked-Wheel Pavilion Structure" it is mentioned that
>a 10' rope comes out from one end of the spoke (which I assume to be a
>guide rope). Later in the article, under "Sewing Notes", it says to sew
>loops outside the eaves if ropes are desired.  Is there a preferred method
>or are both equally as effective?

This is a typo of sorts in the instructions.  The method of late is to not
put holes or guide ropes in the canvas but simply to build "pockets" at the
roof line for the poles to rest in.  There are no need for ropes in this
pavilion at all (in my experience and construction).

>2.    For the spokes, the article suggests to use 2x4's cut in half to make
>2 2x2s. Has pine be found to be a reliable wood or do I need to use
>something more stronger like oak?

Pine is fine wood (and VERY cheap).  Just be sure that the pieces are
straight and relatively knot free.  We made two extra just in case one blew
up.  But only one broke and that was due to someone trying to pole vault
with it and it snapped at a knot.  <grin>

>3.    Lastly the article suggests not to skimp on the canvas.  I agree, but
>I'm also on a budget. Anyone know of a good substitute for canvas, or maybe
>a good outlet source?

Contact Master Terafan (greydragon@erols.com ) for $3/yard canvas.  We
bought 60 yards to built our single pole pavilion and it's quite lovely I
must say.  All together we spent $350 for everything (including thread).
But we would have spent more had we had to purchase our oak center pole
(thank you Grandma Grimm).

I can't say enough great things about this pavilion design.  We are taking
ours to Pennsic this year on its maiden voyage.  I don't regret a single
stitch constructing it.

If you have other more specific questions or want to know way to many of my
ideas on different technologies for construction email me privately.


Baroness Isabel d'Avignon

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