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Re: Principality

Poster: "C.J. Schaffer" <cjschaff@ix.netcom.com>

Although i may disagree that northern camaraderie "is seldom conveyed to
outsiders," i would agree that the regional identity that already exists and
is a major reason for forming a principality does not include Caer Mear.  I
was puzzled from the very beginning as to why they were included in the
proposal.  There is a very clear band of "Crown lands" that separate them
from the rest of the north, but no such gap that separates them from their
other Virginian neighbors.  The "palm print"  already works together in
planning a calendar, helping with events and demos, etc.  The palmprint
groups routinely attend each other's fighting practices, and to a lesser
extent, other weekly activities.  I know of no one, however, who goes to
Caer Mear for their fighter practice, or vice versa.

Just my opinion,

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Poster: nix@iolinc.net (Malone, N.)

I gotta side with Christian here, Caer Maer is big enough to stand alone and
should really consider our natural proximity to Marinus and Tir-y-Don.
Besides in our location its 2.5-4 hrs to any DC area events and about 3-5 NC
events, because we always seem to get nailed on 495. We travel a lot and
other than the fact that the DC area has a lot of events it really is no
more attractive from Caer MAer than is NC. Also the Baronies of the DC area
seem to have a natural or evolved affinity for each other and as is only
human, an exclusive sort of comraderie that is seldom conveyed to outsiders.
but then I've always been too conservative and I'm still not sure I fully
support Atlantian independence from the East.

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