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Re: Principality

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

Nils Olafsson (Ponte Alto's Chronicler) wrote:
> I know of no one [from the palmprint], however, who goes to
> Caer Mear for their fighter practice, or vice versa.

Unfortunately, there's no reason why you would know this.  I've been to
Caer Mear fight practices roughly every other week for a couple of
months - slacking off as Pennsic approaches.  Each time, Count
Thorbrandr (from Dun Carraig) has been with me, and most times Lord
Roland de Mounteney (from Roxbury Mill) has been with me too.

And I'm sure I've seen Balynar, Colin and Syr Amalric from Caer Mear up
in Roxbury Mill for fighter practice once or twice.

This is not to say whether or not Caer Mear should be included in any
hypothetical principality, this is to say just because someone says "I
know of nothing/nobody..." doesn't mean that something/someone doesn't

Play fair.  :)
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