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Re: Principality

Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>

> is a major reason for forming a principality does not include Caer Mear.  I
> was puzzled from the very beginning as to why they were included in the
> proposal.

There's this little problem that Isenfir (and probably Caer Mear)
think that we're great friends with the northern groups, even if some
of you don't even know where we are.

>  There is a very clear band of "Crown lands" that separate them
> from the rest of the north,

... which is thinly but continuously populated with people who are
active in either Stierbach, Ponte Alto, Isenfir, or Caer Mear; for
example, Isenfir has an active member in Madison County, and I believe
that Stierbach has several folks that live in Culpeper. No gap. Pop
quiz: our Madison member is a royal peer. Who is she?

> but no such gap that separates them from their
> other Virginian neighbors.

... Stierbach is only slightly farther from Isenfir than Caer Mear;
Highland Foorde is closer to me than most Black Diamond events ...

>  The "palm print"  already works together in
> planning a calendar,

... and Isenfir was invited to participate in that effort; we have
cordial event planning relationships with our neighbors, and 2 years
ago got permission to conflict with a Ponte Alto event because they
were doing all-fighting and we were doing all-dance; several Pontoons
came to Isenfir that day to play in the band ...

> The palmprint
> groups routinely attend each other's fighting practices,

... Palmprint rapier folks used to attend Isenfir's rapier practice on
a weekly basis (!), and still do on a regular basis; our dance band
has gone to assist the Ponte Alto Harp and Drum Corps for demos; I've
been trying for years to scare up enough interest in loud instruments
to have a regular practice in NoVA that my girlfriend and I could
attend ...

> Just my opinion,

Just mine. I realize that you personally don't have any connection to
Isenfir, but that doesn't mean that Isenfir doesn't have a lot of
connections to a small but significant fraction of the folks in the
palmprint. Likewise, a lot of folks in Caer Mear probably have similar

Gregory Blount, seneschal, Isenfir
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