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Re: camping overkill ;->

Poster: "Jen Kuiper" <gryphon@clark.net>

>No, no, not at all.  I didn't even MENTION the portable manor house
>project!  That is an entirely different issue.  That project has been
>stalled because we need a trailer to carry it and a vehicle that can tow
>the trailer (and, incidently, a place to store the trailer between events)
>before I start building the three-room, two-level takedown merchant house
>(which is the Proof Of Concept design for the larger takedown Manor House,
>a Wealden design of the 15th century based upon Bayleaf in the Weald and
>Downland Open-air Museum).


Where _do_ you find the time???? You must not sleep.... :-)


P.S. Who has never been to Pennsic... but in Florida won the most pathetic
excuse for NOT being at Pennsic contest last year.

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