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re:Tally Who?

Poster: Jeanette Gugler <jgugler@mindspring.com>

At 08:54 08/11/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Poster: "S. M. Thorson" <smt2@st-andrews.ac.uk>
>> The loudly dressed Irishman in the middle of the room rises from his cups
>> to his feet and roars:
>> "Just how many corners are there in this godforsaken place?!!"
>As many as there need to be, m'lord.  <G>
No one ever said the geometry of the room was square!  With this group it's
maybe a dodecahedron? <hehe>

Theodora von Schmetterlingswald		jgugler@mindspring.com
	Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill
Argent, a fess azure, ermined argent, 
between three pine trees couped sable and a butterfly azure.

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