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New Sport

Poster: nix@iolinc.net (Malone, N.)

I really can't help doing this, what with all the talk of A&S
competitions and the Authenticity Snobs and so on. So I bring myself to
familiarize the Populace of my new kingdom with the sport of Laurel

While in preparation take on some in-depth research, but concentrate on
strange or anomolous aspects or smaller or less studied cultures.
Throughly document the oddest things you can find. Late period eastern
europe or very early civilizations are often prime hunting grounds. Work
up a project or research document and enter such in the next A&S
competition. Hint: stashing the research a little away from your entry
makes for better bait. And when when an unwary browser (often suffering
from the dreaded concept constipation syndrome makes rude comments
POUNCE , loudly and profusely. This wont stop all of the Authenticity
Police but it will make them more careful, and the odd strange topics
are often more enlightening than the same old run of the mill stuff that
has been done to death. I mean how many different shades of woad dye are
there, on what subjects under what dilutions and temperatures. At this
point I think there are probably Scadians who know more about woad than
anyone who actually used it in period.

I'll not give a way sources (except privately) but you can document
floral and culinary examples of Potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers (not
bell) yams and other foods, wing nuts and threaded screws, folding
knives, and resin type plastics ans well as rubber for jewelry and
padding, candle wax from flowers and trees, and many other little

I hope someone feels inspired.

Mongol Raider's Surplus Outlet
Always True but Often Rude
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