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Re: So....what's the skinny?

Poster: "Brett W. McCoy" <bmccoy@lan2wan.com>

On Mon, 17 Aug 1998, Boroghul Khara/Grey Randall wrote:

> What else happened?.....or is everyon sitting in their air conditioning and
> sighing contently?

Sighing, yes...

I left Pennsic a far better drummer than when I first got to Pennsic,
having spent nearly the entire War in the Oasis with my hand upon
drumhead, and had the great pleasure to play with such folk as Baron Durr,
Mustafa and Master Silvanus.  My Lady Elisabetha and my daughter Juliette
both caught the drumming fever and had their own drums to take home from 
the War.

One of my chief memories of the War was when I was working in Troll (some 
may have seen me in a great turban) and a Fools' Parade came into the 
Troll booth, including one fool on stilts at whom we threw pretzels.  The 
fools then proceeded across the street where a lady had entered a 
porta-castle, and they played kazoos and drums while they waited.  When 
she came out, they put up a rousing cheer, then wandered into the Lost & 
Found tent because they had lost their way and needed someone to find them.

Another good memory (although the circumstances around it weren't as 
good) was when my Lady came into Troll to relieve me from duty, but she 
slipped on a rock and twisted an ankle.  At first she refused to go to 
the Chirurgeon Tent, but I finally convinced her, and we tried to hobble 
over, but she could barely walk.  Suddenly two knights from Ansteorra 
came from nowhere and picked her up.  She said to be careful because she 
weighed 125 pounds (which she thinks a great weight), but one knight 
laughed and said his sheild weighed more.  We finally got her to the 
Chirurgeons tent, and my Lady regretted that she had not even seen these 
good knights and knew not how to find them and give them thanks.

Istvan Dragosani
"The Number of UNIX installations has grown to 10, with more expected."
   -- The UNIX Programmer's Manual, 2nd Edition, June, 1972

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