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Re: So....what's the skinny?

Poster: SCOTSWMMN@aol.com


<< Okay....I gave my report from Pennsic Shopping Weekend.... >>

Weekend?  Weekend? (she says, looking startled) - you only had a WEEKEND?  Try
an entire week of shopping, eating (the gyros and fruit ices were heavenly),
shopping, imbibing chocolate milk (a Pennsic necessity), shopping, playing
music, shopping, taking classes, and shopping.....

I never wanted to come back (except I ran out of money to shop with.....).  On
the list of things that absolutely screamed for me to purchase them were
books, music, books, parchment, books, this really cool wax tablet and stylus
thingy, and, yes, more books. Once I got home, I realized that now I'm going
to have to buy a bigger bookshelf - there are books I haven't unpacked yet,
simply because I haven't the room at the moment.

Of course, it *was* nice to take a real shower again. . . 

Margaret Cameron
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