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Re: Crying in your beer/mead/drink....

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Eldred@concentric.net wrote:

> > Well, you've got to figure that many (most?) of those not going are
> > not going due to:
> >    a) Mundane conflicts
> >    b) Budgetary constraints
> >    c) All of the above.
> >
> > This would cause one to suspect that the majority of the non-attendees
> > won't have the time/resources for much more than a pity party potluck.
> Milord, your logic escapes me.  The mundane conflicts could simply boil
> down to not having an entire week's worth of available vaction time to
> spend at Pennsic (and driving to and fro--it's over 8 hours from here),
> yet we still have our weekends available to us (well, most, anyway).
> Budgetary constraints?  How much does the average person spend going to a
> day or weekend event?  You certainly don't need the same amount of
> resources to go to Pennsic!  You appear to be comparing apples and
> oranges, milord.

I'm not sure that Michael's answers are *complete* but I think I agree
with where he was going:  I don't think there's sufficient population
*density* of those who don't go to Pennsic in a given year to hold
'spiff' events.  

In the northern areas of the kingdom (the only area I can speak for in
terms of 'statistics'), I'd wager there were significantly more than 50%
of the active population of the area at Pennsic - in Lochmere I can only
think of a handful of people who didn't attend, and similarly for
Storvik and Roxbury Mill.  The people I can think of from my area who
didn't go aren't people who are going to want to hold an event when 90%
of their friends are off at Pennsic or are new enough not to feel
confident to do so, or had other commitments (such as work, etc.)

I'm also not sure there'd be sufficient support within a group to offer
to host an event while there were that many folks out of town.

My tuppence,

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