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Re: Crying in your beer/mead/drink....

Poster: Eldred@concentric.net

Scripsit Keilyn:
> Eldred@concentric.net wrote:
> > Scripsit Michael: 
> > > Well, you've got to figure that many (most?) of those not going are
> > > not going due to:
> > >    a) Mundane conflicts
> > >    b) Budgetary constraints
> > >    c) All of the above.
> > >
> > > This would cause one to suspect that the majority of the non-attendees
> > > won't have the time/resources for much more than a pity party potluck.
> > 
> > Milord, your logic escapes me.  The mundane conflicts could simply boil
> > down to not having an entire week's worth of available vaction time to
> > spend at Pennsic (and driving to and fro--it's over 8 hours from here),
> > yet we still have our weekends available to us (well, most, anyway).
> > Budgetary constraints?  How much does the average person spend going to a
> > day or weekend event?  You certainly don't need the same amount of
> > resources to go to Pennsic!  You appear to be comparing apples and
> > oranges, milord.
> I'm not sure that Michael's answers are *complete* but I think I agree
> with where he was going:  I don't think there's sufficient population
> *density* of those who don't go to Pennsic in a given year to hold
> 'spiff' events.  

The penny drops....Good point.  A much smaller percentage of the southern
population (South of Windmaster's that is) goes to Pennsic.
> In the northern areas of the kingdom (the only area I can speak for in
> terms of 'statistics'), I'd wager there were significantly more than 50%
> of the active population of the area at Pennsic - in Lochmere I can only
> think of a handful of people who didn't attend, and similarly for
> Storvik and Roxbury Mill.  The people I can think of from my area who
> didn't go aren't people who are going to want to hold an event when 90%
> of their friends are off at Pennsic or are new enough not to feel
> confident to do so, or had other commitments (such as work, etc.)
> I'm also not sure there'd be sufficient support within a group to offer
> to host an event while there were that many folks out of town.

Hmmm.  You are talking about a specific region of the Kingdom.  As I
stated in my original posting, 10% or less of the active local population 
from my area went to Pennsic.  The question is still valid.   Why does
*everything* come to a crashing halt because of Pennsic?

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