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Re: Crying in your beer/mead/drink....

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Eldred@concentric.net wrote:

> > I'm not sure that Michael's answers are *complete* but I think I agree
> > with where he was going:  I don't think there's sufficient population
> > *density* of those who don't go to Pennsic in a given year to hold
> > 'spiff' events.
> The penny drops....Good point.  A much smaller percentage of the southern
> population (South of Windmaster's that is) goes to Pennsic.

I would figure on that - from here it's a reasonable 1/2 day drive.  But
that's why I specified I could only reasonably provide stats for the


> Hmmm.  You are talking about a specific region of the Kingdom.  As I
> stated in my original posting, 10% or less of the active local population
> from my area went to Pennsic.  The question is still valid.   Why does
> *everything* come to a crashing halt because of Pennsic?

Inertia?  I still think there's some validity to examining *who*
goes/doesn't go - around here it's mostly the less-active people or the
newer people who don't go (and by less active I include those whose
activity level has temporarily been hindered by things like newborn
children, new houses, new jobs, studies, etc).  Those aren't the people
who are going to run an event, especially not without the support of
others in their local area (who are likely to be at Pennsic).

I guess a litmus test would be to hold an event or events opposite
Pennsic and see how it goes.  Me, I'd love to go but I've got a record
to maintain (this was my 17th consecutive Pennsic....)

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