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Please good gentles, raise your goblets with me!

Poster: Franca Gorraz <francagorraz@home.com>

I normally sit quietly in the shadows, the best to listen and learn,
but today I need to step up, and tell a tale:

there is, in lovely Bright Hills, a gentle lady who seems to work magic
from her fingers. You might have met her, at many an event, sitting at
her loom, weaving wondrous patterns with what seems to be absolute ease
and naturalness, and you might have heard her teach, still from her
her 'secrets' to whomever would ask, be they curious children, befuddled
newcomers or expert colleagues. 

And if you ever stopped a moment at the loom set up in the shade, you
have heard the joy and delight in her work and in the people who came to
share it,  maybe partaken in her deadpan humor, and relished the
simplicity with which she just offered her talent.

This Lady has served umpteenth years as our Mistress of Arts and
working far too many hours to set up displays, to encourage
to help judge others' work: and every time I spoke with her, she was
ready to point out the marvelous thing such and such had done, the
interesting twist, the lovely work by somebody else. Now she has stepped
down.. only to come work and laugh with the cooks' guild, still with the
same sense of delight in discovery and in doing.

Why am I telling you all this? Because this Lady came back from Pennsic
with a Laurel's medallion around her neck (and a very stunned look in
her eyes, too!), much to everyboy's joy.

So, will you please join me when I say 
                  For Mistress Margherita la Tessitrice,
                             VIVAT, VIVAT, VIVAT!

In service, 

Eleonora Salutati / Franca Gorraz
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