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Fwd: Re: Re: SCA is different things to different people


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>Who WOULD be good to read from?

Well, it would depend on what craft/culture/era/etc you were interested in
studying, but justto throw one good name on the table, Jacques Le Goff is one
of the most well respected medievalists alive today.  I have two of his books
(translated from the French), Medieval Callings, and Medieval Imagination.
The latter I have not completed, but it dwells into teh medieval mindset, the
way medieval man saw the world, etc.  Medieval Callings focuses on Eurpoean
Society from 1000 to 1500 and contains ten essays by different experts (Le
Goff edited the volume).  Those essays are about:
1) Monks
2) The Warrior and the Knight
3) The Peasant and Agriculture
4) The City-Dweller and Life in Cities and Towns
5) The Intellectual
6) The Artist
7) The Merchant
8) Women and the Family
9) The Saint
10) Marginal Man
A better, more well researched, more authoritative book on the different
social classes in medieval Europe I have not read.

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