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Re: Edmund of the Middle

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>

Greetings from Falcone in "Beautiful New Jersey":

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> > Subject: Re: Re: [Mid] Who won?
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> > Good Gentles
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> > It was mentioned on the East's mailing list that Duke Edmund turned in
> > his knight's belt at this Pennsic. Can anyone verify this statement?
> > Did this indeed happen?
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> > Your humble servant,
> > Rosalyn MacGregor
> > (Pattie Rayl)
> It is my understanding that Sir Edmund did not turn in his white belt;
> he merely refused to wear it for the duration of the War (from Saturday
> afternoon on 8/15 onward) because he felt that it had been dishonored by
> the behavior of the Midrealm Rulers/War Council demonstrated after the
> Mountain Pass Battle on Saturday morning.  I have always found Sir
> Edmund to be an extremely honorable and reasonable man, and I would not
> question his actions in this particular matter.  Other members of the
> Midrealm, chivalry and non-chivalry alike, were also outraged by the
> conduct of the Middle.
> In Service to Atlantia,
> Luned, Crown Princess

I echo Her Highnesses comments of Edmund.  He is an honorable man and a
long time friend of Atlantia and Her Crowns.  He is also a hell of a
fight and wonderful to play with at all levels of the game.

Here is what I know from being on the field in every battle fought by

Friday - Bridge Battle was in contention due to a Medical Hold being
called on the Atlantian Bridge(it was ours, folks) about 30 - forty
seconds before the cannon.  Marshall's court afterword also declared the
bridge battle in contention since both armies clearly held only one
bridge each, as a result of the contention on the Atlantian Bridge. 
Midrealm representatives were there in the Marshall's court for the

Saturday - After smart stategy and much ass-whooping, Atlantia took
their obejctive along with the east and won the mountain pass battle. 
After the battle, HRM Timothy of the East offered to sttle the bridge
battle by single combat of champions.  This is when the offense
occurred.  It was not so much the refusal to decide the battle, but the
insults that flew from The Crown Prince of the Middle.  To add further
insult, the name of Jafar was invoked and questions of honor and
chivalry flew.  (Jafar was our buddy too, dammit, and that hurt the
Eastern Royals to the core)

HRM Timothy, feeling there was no hoipe for chivalrous combat after the
incident, marched his army off the field.  HRM Michael decided top side
with His Ally and left the field.  His army gladly followed, though we
were thirsty for more battle.  HRM of the West agreed to let anyone
fight with the West if they so chose.

A battle was fought by some Allies, and the point was given to
Aethylmarc, I heard.

I was unaware of the response that Edmund displayed, although it doesn't
surprise me.  HRM Kenna was in absolute tears at the prospect and the
honor of the Midrealm truly suffered.

Otherwise, the war was a hoot.  BTW, Henry, we spent more time talking
about Her Highnesses' ankles this week than yours.

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