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Re: Crying in your beer/mead/drink....

Poster: Sherry Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>

>Eldred AElfwald wrote:
> >>Why is it that the rest of the world must grind to a halt for the >sake 
> >of Pennsic?  I know about 10 people from my entire Barony (and >this is 
> >a huge...tract of land) who are going to Pennsic.  Must we >who stay 
> >behind simply do *nothing* but weep at our 'misfortune' at >being 'left 
> >behind'?

I am only being somewhat tongue-in-cheek when I reply, "Because it's the
only time of year we get a break!"

Our Shire's Pity Party was planned as a get-together & campout where we
could just hang out & relax.  As a chance to get out, wear scruffy garb,
cook out, and hang out, it was a resounding success.    I really do look
forward to August every year, when I can just putter for a month or so.

It is not uncommon in the SCA to hold events relating to calendar
occurances:  Celtic New Year, Twelfth Night, May Day.  I seem also to
recall events relating to this or that war that occurred in the Middle
Ages.  Pennsic is a major event in the SCA calendar....In other words, it
can be an excuse or a theme to build a quiet little event around.

Besides, though I can't go to Pennsic and am not sure (based on crowding,
parking, the Penn. State Troopers, etc.) that I will go again when I can, I
do miss being able to go & see my friends from around the Knowne World.  Or
perhaps my pity is for those unfortunate souls who are travelling far from
home & sadly miss out on our little get-together. ;-)

Lady Kat

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