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Re: Arms and Awards Murph's Law Revisited

Poster: Brenna <sunnie@exis.net>

> YES in essence you are talking about copyright problems of a sort. While
> "some king/prince/duke or whatever from a foreign government (or someone
> outside the SCA)" will probable not say anything concerning this or his
> knickers, it is indeed illegal in many countries and occassionally a
> criminal as well as civil offense, not to mention plain old
> disrespectful. While this has little or no effect on many SCA members
> there is still the matter of respect vis-a-vis military and municipal
> heraldry, as well as simple respect for others and their culture and
> values, even at home.  As to conflicting JUST with SCA heraldry, some
> member's devices are indeed trademarked and/or registered with mundane
> or more formal heraldic resources.
> These comments are not meant as a reproach but simply for the
> information value, while VERY rare these conflicts can be embarassing if
> not worse.

Okay....here's a question I wondered about.  If you know your family arms, can
you use them in the SCA (you can certainly document them, they are yours to
use, and they must be "heraldically correct" if they are your family arms)?
What is the rule on this?

(who is wondering--I have arms in the works, but I know my family arms as

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