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LotR Cast

Poster: "M.  Stewart" <ms154@cornell.edu>

I just have to get my two cents in on this...

	Bilbo - ? Pertwee (the last british incarnation of Dr. Who)
	Frodo -  John Davidson
	Samwise -
	Meridoc - Ian Anderson?  (was in Trainspotting)
	Perrin - Sam Raimi

	Legolas -
	Gimli -

	Gandalf - Patrick Stewart
	Aaragorn/Strider - Sean Bean

	Tom Bombadil - Robin Williams

	Elrond - Jeremy Irons
	Galadriel - Meryl Streep or Catherine Deneuve
	Celeborn - Anthony Hopkins

	Denothor - Alec Guinness
	Boromir - Liam Neeson  (or the guy who plays Ares on Xena)
	Faramir - Kiefer Sutherland or Brad Pitt (don't hurt me)

	Eomer - Val Kilmer
	Eowyn -  Michelle Gellahar or Lucy Lawless
	Theoden - Sean Connery
	Worm Tounge - Gary Oldman

	Sauraman - John Malkovich
	Gollum -  Steve Buscemi  (a stroke of genius there)

	TreeBeard -  James Earl Jones

	Actors who have no place in this ...   IMHO
	Richard Gere
	Kevin Costner

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