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Still here in Cathanar

Poster: Sherry Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>

Lady Kat and Lord Christopher are alive and well in Cathanar, though we
have stayed offline until today.  (After Fran, we had the computer on when
the electricity dipped & then surged & fried the computer.  We're a little
gun shy now.)  The worst we experienced during the storm was a touch of
cabin fever - the children are now playing outside and both they and we are
much relieved!

I have not heard from everybody in Cathanar yet, but those I have talked to
came through just fine and I think power has been restored to just about
everyone in the central region.  The only person I am concerned about is
one of our members who lives on a houseboat.  I will try to call her at
work Monday if no one has heard from her by then.

My lord's office building lost a good deal of the roof.  The books and
equipment within are waterlogged but otherwise intact.  He is heading out
tomorrow to test the electronic equipment.  We are relieved to know he
still has an office to head out to!

We talked yesterday to one of our friends in Seareach, who got it far worse
than we did.  Her power was off, and some trees had come down.

I know several gentles from Raven's Cove are on the Merry Rose and you will
probably hear from them.  Those we know of are well.  Some did not even
lose power, I'm told.

Thanks for your concern and good wishes.  Our attention is now focussed on
Danielle!  (Who looks like she's not going to come play on the coast after
all, as of the noon weather reports.)

Lady Kat

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