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Re: Crusades/Kingdome of Acre

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Julien de Montfort wrote:

> On 10/20/98, marybeth lavrakas spoke thusly:
> > Poster: marybeth lavrakas <Marybeth_Lavrakas@med.unc.edu>
> >
> > I am reminded to ask--who/what/where is the Kingdom of Acre, anyway?
> The Kingdom of Acre is another medeivalist group, much like the
> Markland Militia Society and the SCA are.  Beyond that, however, I
> can't say -- I'm not even sure if Acre is a subgroup of a larger group,
> or a group in it's own right.  It was still nice to see "visiting
> royalty", however. :-)

In fact the Kingdom of Acre is the medieval 'body' of MSR (Medieval
Studies and Recreation), a group whose original members left the SCA
about 20? (check me on that Adriana?) years ago.  Geographically,
they're centered around NYC and the surrounding area, and medievally
they do (you guessed it!) the Kingdom of Acre (although not solely, any
more).  They're like the SCA in some ways, and not in others - they have
an award structure just like the SCA does (although the specifics are
different), they're more focussed on a specific time period, and (to my
mind, the most unusual feature) they choose their monarchs through a
series of individual tournament, small melees and then wars - in theory
it provides for proof against an unpopular heavy-hitter winning.  I
think they also allow a champion to fight for a couple and place them on
the thrones without ruling themselves.

Their heraldry has a leaping white stag on it, and they are gracious and
hospitable folks!

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