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Re: Used to be tanning; now Emergency Vet!

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@att.net>

Sharon Paris wrote:
> Poster: Sharon Paris <mistylla@worldnet.att.net>
> ok I too must confess...I cant watch it either. Some of the showes on the
> discovery channel where the other animals are having lunch is a bit too much
> also.  lol :)
> Misty
> Denise McMahon wrote:

I don't mind it much, but my kids think that is mega-cool.

"Daddy, those hyenas are just ripping that poor "deer-thing" apart. 
Cool, huh."

"Daddy, I never knew wildebeast had so many guts.  Cool, huh."

"Daddy, do the little ones always scream like that when the cheetah
catches them?"
"Yes, dear."
"Cool, huh."

Sometimes I wonder how much violence we avoid with educational programs.

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