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Re: Used to be tanning; now Emergency Vet!

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Donald Wagner wrote:
> Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@att.net>
> Sharon Paris wrote:  <mistylla@worldnet.att.net>
> >
> > ok I too must confess...I cant watch it either. Some of the shows 
    on the discovery channel where the other animals are having lunch 
    is a bit too much also.  lol :)
> > Misty
> I don't mind it much, but my kids think that is mega-cool.
> "Daddy, those hyenas are just ripping that poor "deer-thing" apart.
> Cool, huh."
> "Daddy, I never knew wildebeast had so many guts.  Cool, huh."
> "Daddy, do the little ones always scream like that when the cheetah
> catches them?"
> "Yes, dear."
> "Cool, huh."
> Sometimes I wonder how much violence we avoid with educational programs.
> Falcone

 I remember that when the first Jaws movie came out in '74 I was
working at Central Prison in Raleigh at the time and thought I had
seen some really graphic things. I had too.

 So everyone piled in to see Jaws, the original snack movie. After
15 minutes the adults were sick and many were heading for the exits.

 All the kids were sitting _down front_ practically screaming "Feed
him another!". That was when we let kids see grown up movies in NC.
Now they just stay home and watch HBO.

 Personally, it was all I could stand to sit through the first 
Alien movie. You couldn't pay me enough to watch the successors.

On the other hand I have this niece, 6, who won't let Mommy and 
Daddy go to a movie or watch TV because of the violence (but she
loves knights in Armor, we just can't get her to an event, go figure).
One session of watching Duke Logan's results ought to really fix her
for life. Probably be agoraphobic after that....

But she loves bugs.
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